Is Nascar A Dying Sport

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But there is lesser know and other forms of racing that gives us a much better product today, but the casuals don't know or care about it. Is nascar a dying sport?

Junior is retiring next year!! Dale earnhardt jr

To those saying nascar is a dying sport.

Is nascar a dying sport. I can't read anything or talk to anyone about nascar or listen to the radio without it all being, 'well, it sucks now. I would hate for them to lose that income. He seems disattached from the sport.

Also in combination with the social climate and lack of global competitiveness, nascar is a dying sport. Lets see how the other tracks look before we take a victory lap. The familiar scene of confederate flags waved by fans at nascar tracks could soon be a relic of racing’s good ol’ boy roots.

Nascar is the heart and soul of american motorsport. Nascar is a dying sport (sound off) updated jan 14, 2019; Morgan analyst alexia quadrani says nascar still saw a 46 percent increase in its average annual tv revenue after renewing with fox.

Nascar suffers from too big to fair syndrome aka we are the wwe of motorsports effect. In the late 90s it was sro. Ken n tx sf vip.

Yes, i see nascar dying in the next few years if they can't turn the product around. Is nascar a dying sport? Nascar was great when it was a predominately regional sport.

For a sport that's still actually exciting, we watch (and attend. The biggest blow to the sport being that dale earnhardt jr., the sports most popular driver for the past 18 years (which let’s be honest is only because of his. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Like wwe, nascar is pretty much the face of stock car close wheel racing in the us. So maybe nascar is, in fact, dying. My only regret would be if my friends are still renting out camping spaces on their farm during the talladega weekends.

When the did hold the occasional race outside of the south, the fans filled the venues to see it. It has produced some of the most famous drivers in the world. Personally i think it started to die when they started moving it out of the south and closing all those iconic tracks.

We see the sport dying off, and we hate to see that as we have grown up being nascar fans and have a lot of friends that are drivers in nascar. Nascar attendance and television rating have been dramatically declining at an alarming rate over this past decade. What this means is not only the first nascar race of the year, but the biggest race of the year.

Dale earnheardt jr., kyle busch, jimmie johnson are just to name a few. But with an aging generation, what is to come of nascar. 3:04 pm est february 12, 2019.

Low attendence, big name drivers will be retiring in the next 5 years ( tony stewart matt kenseth greg biffle jimmie johnson dale earnhardt jr kevin harvick) there's more. But unfortunately, nascar is a dying sport. Nobody is playing golf anymore except wealthy old white men and moms who were formerly soccer/tennis moms.

Is nascar a dying sport? Back in the day, drivers were paid. Many people think they have the reason why and some ideas how to try to fix it.

It has been in existence for 70 years and popularity has held on strong all these years. Just caught the end of the bristol race just channel surfing and it looked like it was no more than half full. The day i started writing this column about nascar “wilting on the vine” was the very day dale earnhardt jr., the most popular driver for the past 14 years, may have driven a nail in nascar.

A dedicated fan base that's loyalty goes from very young to very old, but they need to cut out the over commercialism, simply the winning formula, and make the cars look more like. 280 points · 10 months ago. Can nascar keep pace with other growing sports?

What i believe the biggest problem is brain france the ceo and chairman of nascar. Nascar is slowly dying right before our very eyes, and the best that comes from the front office is, the fans and teams need to quit complaining. 850 horsepower, naturally aspirated v8s, 200 laps.

Nascar stopped doing that after the 2012 season, because it had become obvious that crowds were shrinking. But the sport is certainly not dead, and far from dying, according to executives at nascar and race team execs, as well as drivers and television network analysts. The capacity at daytona, one of the sport’s hubs, was reduced by 58,000 fans.

They had the right idea, and i guess my. We will always continue to support our close friends in the sport but from a business standpoint we have decided to end the relationship with nascar. Because i'm tired of people running my sport down all the time.

Today was the great american race, the daytona 500. The dependence on sponsor money is killing the sport. Golf is dying faster than nascar.

The sport has lost more than a third of its viewers, but j.p. Nascar is now going through its first death lurch, and no one has any ideas for saving the sport from itself.

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